Make your Display Statement with a Stunning Shop Window

An impactful shop window is one key factor of a successful retail business.

The consumer experience is enhanced by appealing window displays, with the
best communicating a brand's personality whilst also gifting customers a unique
view of that brand's products.

Therefore, the successful execution of effective window displays is not something
to underestimate: plan with purpose and creativity, and strong attention to detail.

Use this powerful merchandising opportunity to make your brand statement.

Here's our top 10 favourites!

1.Diesel Black Gold Window

This window display was designed for window and in-store displays for Diesel's Flagship London Store on New Bond Street by designer and Art director Kyle Bean. The window features miniature models, vines and an impressive temple.

[Photography by Lex Kembery.]

2.Future Map Window

The window showcases the best graduating artists and designers from the University of the Arts London. It represents a domestic room scene transplanted it into Selfridges window using the Future Map logo to define the shape and the turquois makes it all STUNNING!

3.Kate Spade Saturday and eBay Window

Kate Spade Saturday teamed up with eBay giving a whole new meaning to window shopping'. The display is interactive and allows customers in New York City to shop the store windows from their mobile phones.

4. Escentric Molecules Perfumes Christmas Shop Window

ThinkTank had the pleasure to collaborate with Escentric Molecules to create this fantastic giant SLS printed snowflake placed in the main display of Liberty London, so big that there was no machinery able to print it in the UK.
Watch the video below to see how it was made.

5. Breathing Window

The breathing window is part of Selfridges' 'No Noise' campaign. A series of inflation and deflation fans were used to create a breathing motion in the walls. Photograpyh by Andrew Meredith.

6. Ermenegildo Zegna "Su Misura" Window

"Su Misura" is Ermenegildo Zegna's tailor-made service for suits, jackets, trousers, coats, shirts and ties. The visual impact is impressive!"

7. Hermes Window

We love the Maison Hermes window in Japan: each window shows a Hermès scarf being blown about by the breath of a
Japanese actress. The illusion is achieved by venting air from a small hole in the wall near the mouth in the printed image.

8. The Beautiful Mind Spring Shop Window 

The Beautiful Mind series celebrates women - not in the conventional way of the fragrance industry, as objects of desire, but for their intelligence and creativity. The imagery for the series and the window depicts the beauty of the brain in action.

Manufactured by ThinkTank.

9. Louis Vuitton Window

Simple, elegant and classy. This Louis Vuitton window display in Manchester gets straight to the point, the luxurious bag is the cherry on the top!

10. Liberty 2015 Christmas Window

Liberty's Christmas windows are a festive attraction in their own right, the image shows the latest 2015 Christmas display, we suggest you read this really interesting article where the store's head of visual creative Liz Silvester discusses how they are made...

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