Tequila Packaging Design

Tequila is a Spirit whose production begins with the fermentation and later distillation of the sugars of the  blue variety Agave plant in Jalisco, Mexico. There are different types of tequila: silver, gold, aged and extra-aged, depending on how pure the ingredients are, where it was bottle and the term it was aged.

Generally, we drink tequila in a shot size glass. After the famous saying: ¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa'dentro! - which translates to "Up, Down, Center, and Drink!", we rush it down complementing the act with a dash of salt and lime.

However, there's also a way to have it with greater awareness and understanding of the mysticism of its spirit:

1. Using a Riedel glass for Tequila, fill it to a third of its capacity.
2. Visual Test: observe the brilliance, transparency and limpidness. Gently swirl the glass and observe how it spreads on the walls of the glass, indicating the body of the tequila. From the top of the spread surface, a few drops start to slowly slide down, indicating the quality of the body.
3. Olfactory Test: Draw your nose to the glass and inhale deeply, to perceive the primary aromas of Tequila. Rotate the glass to appreciate the secondary scents that are released thanks to the movement. Sense the harmony and balance that Tequila presents in its wide array of scents.
4. Packaging Test: Appreciate a good and creative tequila package designs for your utmost pleasure ¡Salud!.

Find below our selection of top tequila package designs:

Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años

patron tequila packaging

Via Patrón Tequila

Herradura Tequila

Herradura Tequila packaging

Via Herradura Tequila

3R Tequila

#3rtequila #tequila #packaging

Via 3R Tequila

Tequila Casa de Luna

#tequilacasaluna #tequila #packaging

Via Tequila Casa de Luna

Olmeca Altos Tequila

#olmecaatlostequila #tequila #packaging

Via Olmeca Altos Tequila

Creencias Organic Tequila

#creenciasorganictequila #tequila #packaging

Via Creencias Organic Tequila

Tequila Espolón

#espolontequila #tequila #packaging

Via Tequila Espolón

123 Organic Tequila

#123organictequila #tequila #packaging

Via 123 Organic Tequila

Suerte Tequila Extra Añejo

#suertetequila #tequila #packaging

Via Suerte Tequila Extra Añejo

DeLeon Tequila

#deleontequila #tequila #packaging

Via DeLeon Tequila

Zarco Tequila

#zarcotequila #tequila #packaging

Via Zarco Tequila

Tequila 29

#Tequila29 #tequila #packaging

Via Tequila 29

1800® Tequila Essential Artists

#1800TequilaEssentialArtists #tequila #packaging

Via 1800® Tequila

Corzo Tequila

#corzotequila #tequila #packaging

Via Corzo Tequila

Auténtico Tequila Alacrán

#alacrantequila #tequila #packaging

Via Auténtico Tequila Alacrán

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