ThinkTank Top 5 Favourites from Packaging Innovations 2015

ThinkTank once again had the pleasure of attending the ever-expanding Packaging Innovations show, this year hosted at Olympia London.

Amongst collaborators and competition we discovered ground breaking packaging innovations across myriad industry sectors.

Here's ThinkTank's Top 5 favourites, ideas we believe are destined for store shelves near you soon:

1. Ceramics


Ceramics are back and making waves in a big way. A reinvention of what may have seemed a dated model, particularly in the beverage sector, has lead to some inspiring and highly appealing production runs of bespoke crafted designs tailored to the individual brand.

2. Foils


Foiling has come a long way in recent years with the advent of laser etching and multi-level tooling, but did you know brands
can now have their own individual bespoke foil incorporating their design or logo, and at a relatively low minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

3. Mirri


ThinkTank were blown away by the new MirriSparkle product, developed by Celloglas. We cannot wait to use this game-changing finish, it's unique glittering shimmer available for multiple applications. It was also heartening to note there's an environmentally friendly Mirri—a welcome addition to an increasingly eco-conscious market.

4. Inline Foiling

Inline Foiling_ThinkTank

Soon available via ThinkTank, inline digital foiling utilises a Scodix set-up removing the need for a foiling die, making short
run premium packaging a reality. This cuts costs and time, whilst crucially adding edge to your communication.

5. Digital Interaction

Digital Interaction_ThinkTank

A California-based team have created an app that allows you to augment beverages with a "message on a bottle", enabling tailored communications to an individual customer. Above and beyond this direct interaction, the product also allows data capture and the enhanced brand awareness savvy companies strive for.

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