Communicate your brand effectively by having fun with packaging

With store shelves creaking under the strain of 1000s of products, engaging pack-aging is vital to making your brand stand out.

Good packaging attracts consumers, communicates your brand's virtues and ultimately boosts sales. It's an important quality indicator and it's essential when it comes to brand image. Mastering the art of great packaging means winning customers' favour and growing market share.

Be inspired by the following brands and the innovative ways they exploit the power of the pack.

1. News of the Wooled by Gwyn Lewis

News of the Wooled by Gwyn Lewis_Think Tank Packaging Blog

For this Introduction to knitting kit, the designer used the source of wool yarn sheep, promoting the products by using representations of a sheep to catch the eye and get people interested in yarn craft.

2. Valvoline Oil T-Shirt by Eric Stevens

Valvoline Oil T-Shirt by Eric Stevens _Think Tank Packaging Blog

Borders Perrin Norrander reawakes Valvoline brand and makes it relevant to car guys again. By eschewing category clichés and striking an emotional chord with the brand's prime audience, Valvoline quickly shot to #1 for the first time in company history.

3. Fisk by Landon Larsen

Fisk by Landon Larsen_Think Tank Packaging Blog

Fisk by Landon Larsen_Think Tank Packaging Blog

Fiks is a magazine built in a unique, interactive style that integrates simple puzzles/activities with the fresh content and stunning packaging.

4. Panasonic Note by Scholz & Friends

Panasonic Note by Scholz & Friends_Think Tank Packaging Blog

Brilliant packaging for the Stereo Earphones Headphones RP-HJE 130 Panasonic. Inspired by the shape of a musical note the packaging is beautiful, minimal and impactful.

5. Very Very Bright by Julia Kim

Very Very Bright by Julia Kim_Think Tank Packaging Blog

Creative packaging for light bulbs.

6.Gris 12 pencil package by Kevin Angeloni

Gris 12 pencil package, designed by Kevin Angeloni_Think Tank Packaging Blog

Another way of seeing the gray pencil that everyone knows being an indispensable tool for all creatives. The pencil is contained in a thin glass cylinder topped with a cork. Everything is placed in a plexiglass holder.

7. Hang Me Some Tea by Soon Mo Kang

Hang Me Some Tea by Soon Mo Kang_Think Tank Packaging Blog

This tea packaging is a funny take on how the simple motion of hanging a used teabag on the rim of your cup, be done. Color-coded for different varieties, the hangers are rather cute and so are the tea-shirts!

8. Cheese Pencils by The Deli Garage

Cheese Pencils by The Deli Garage_Think Tank Packaging Blog

Cheese Pencils by The Deli Garage_Think Tank Packaging Blog

Cheese Pencils are shaped like oversized pencils, where the "leads" contain three different flavours: truffles, pesto and chilli. With the built-in grating function you can sprinkle delicious, appetizing flakes of parmesan cheese on your meal. A scale lists how many calories the portion contains.

9. Socksraw by Leejiye

Socksraw by Leejiye_Think Tank Packaging Blog

This not ordinary package is designed to highlight the special quality of single color socks. The name of socksraw is a combined word of socks and draw and the words represent the concept of the package, the material of the package is paper and the sketch of the package is printable.

10. Carrot Sugar Scrub

Carrot Sugar Scrub_Think Tank Packaging Blog

This pretty sugar scrub is a perfect DIY gift by OHMY!Creative

11. Blood of Grapes by Constantin Bolimond

Blood of Grapes by Constantin Bolimond_Think Tank Packaging Blog

From the HEART of France, naming and design of the French wine BLOOD OF GRAPES goes from common and quite obvious associations. Wine is blood of grapes, heart is its vessel. Slogan "from the heart of France" supports the whole concept as well.

12. Trident Gum: Packaging Concept by Hani DouajiTrident Gum: Packaging Concept by Hani Douaji_Think Tank Packaging Blog

The consumers could interact with the new packaging in a fun and simple way. By holding the packaging up to their mouths they could put bright smiles on their faces.

13. Poilu by Simon Laliberté

Poilu by Simon Laliberté_Think Tank Packaging Blog

This humoristic packaging offers the function of assembling two products (two paintbrushes) together with only one cardboard printed on both sides. One paintbrush is a big one and the other is a small one for finishing touches.

14. Pink Glasses Organic Grenache by Luks Piekut

Pink Glasses Organic Grenache by Luks Piekut_Think Tank Packaging Blog

Playful packaging for this organic rose' wine produced by Derrick Neleman – Dutch entrepreneur, visionary and promoter of organic wine. Without any doubt, rose-colored glasses have a unique power to improve the humor.

15. Görtz 17: Shoelace Box

Görtz 17: Shoelace Box_Think Tank Packaging Blog

German shoe company Gortz 17 and design agency Kempertrautmann created 100% recyclable that looks fantastic! The new packaging makes an already established brand like Converse even more appealing. The handles can be removed and used as shoelaces.

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