7 Gender Neutral Beauty Products & Packaging


27 87  Smartphone-Inspired Scent Bottles 

Inspired by the actual generation, Ingrid Picanyol Studio created a bottle with the shape of the characteristic blunted rectangle from all technological devices.


Diptyque Eau de Sans Unisex Fragrance

The Diptyque Eau Des Sans features elegant packaging that blends monochromatic tones with pops of orange hues.


Electric Ink by Robot Food

After noticing a lack of credible long-term tattoo care brands on the market, Robot Food rolled up their sleeves to design and launch one. Tom Gilmour, a Philadelphia based London born was brought on-board to bring the brand’s supporting illustrations to life. The overall aesthetic is hugely relevant with a strong nod to tattooing’s sub-culture roots.


CONTEXT Skincare for Men & Women

Innovative beauty brand CONTEXT developed these skincare products addressed to both men and women. The minimal packaging is perfect to represent this gender-neutral skincare solution.


Moab Unisex Fragrance by Phlur

Moab by is a woody spicy fragrance for women and men. The whole Phlur fragrances line is characterised by elegant and clean packaging with no difference between men, women or unisex products.

Curiosity: Phlur's product page for Moab includes a curated Spotify playlist that helps to describe the fragrance in terms of mood through sound.


Palmolive Identity & Packaging [Student Project]

“The new design for Palmolive conveys that the products are from “nature’s own pharmacy” and that with a timeless, gender-neutral and Scandinavian design, it can reach a whole new level as a brand.” by Liza Pedersen, Michelle Nilsson, Malin Algothsson, Joakim Tidén


Gender-neutral Fragrances by 'Laboratory Perfumes'

Founded in 2011, Laboratory Perfumes is a perfume brand that creates gender-neutral scents that respond to the wearer and adapt throughout the day. Designed by the London-based artist Zuza Mengham, the sculptures come together to form an exhibition titled 'Sculpting Scent.'

[Source: Trendhunter

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