Artistic Alcohol Packaging


LE TRIBUTE Liquid Experience Tribute

Created by design agency SeriesNemo in Barcelona, Spain the LE TRIBUTE, Liquid Experience Tribute, consists of three bottles in total with gin, mezcal and tonic water represented


Hot Rod Oil Beer 

Designed by Mirbach Schmozi Design in Hamburg, Germany, The Hot Rod Oil Beer packaging likens the craft beer to a vehicle lubricant and helps to enhance the macho nature of it through the subsequent imagery used. 


Typographic Chinese Wine Bottle

This Chinese wine bottle concept was designed by Riliang Zhang as part of the national 'Maotai' contest in China. 


Absolut Vodka Mix Line Pride-Celebrating Edition

In honor of Gay Pride Month, the famous vodka company has created a line of pride-celebrating bottles entitled 'Absolut Mix.' The bottles are limited-edition and were designed by a collaboration between "stylists, writers, fashion designers and artists."


Kraken Black Spice Rum Limited Edition 

Kraken Black Spiced Rum is now being bottled in limited-edition ceramic vessels for an extremely exclusive run. 


'Enrejado' Gin Bottles

The brand's packaging was designed by the creative agency 'F33,' which chose opaque bottles to hold the product – a swift divergence from the transparent ones that house most other gins on the market.


"ClemenGold Gin' Packaging

The brand itself is based in South Africa and insures that its packaging, which was designed by the creative agency 'Fanakalo,' is as vibrant as its primary flavors. 

[source: Trendhunter]


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