BWS Sustainable Solutions

Bag in Box Wine by Charlie Nyrjä [Concept]

Paperboy's Paper Based Wine Bottle by Truett Hurst

Volere Wine Purse 

Mug Pub: Take Away Beer [Concept] 

Crusoe Treasure Wines by Superstudio

360 Vodka  Bottle made of recycled glass and reuseable swing-top closure.

Ramos Pinto 100% Recyclable Cork Packaging by Omdesign

Toronto FC Branded Budweiser Aluminum Bottle

El Tinto Cuadrado Bag in Box Wine

Bag in Box Mauro Chardonnay

Veuve Clicquot  100% Biodegradable and  Isothermal Potato Starch Packaging. 

Winehouse “wijnhuis” by PROUDdesign


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