Consumer-Engaging Packaging

Social Media is a core marketing tool for retail brands, that's why engaging with customers through interactive packaging has become more and more fundamental.

The following examples give you an idea on how to create a memorable customer and brand experience and let the package be your most successful brand advocate.   


Delilah DIY Hamper Packaging  by Lun Yau

Delilah is a ready-to-serve deli from around the world. The black paper bag package let customers add a personalised message directly on the package through colorful chalks. 


Origami Beer Label

“It is a common phenomenon that people, in nervous situations, scratch off the label of their beer bottle. Origami label is about making something constructive out of this situation. If you follow the indications on the label, you can fold it into a flower” (Designer: Clara Lindsten)


Chee Teachee Tea Packaging

Chee Teachee Tea is a Chinese tangram puzzle. Each teabag is wrapped individually into different geometric shapes to keep you entertained while having a cuppa.


PostCarden by Another Studio

Why sending out boring postcards when you can send a miniature garden?! ANother Studio created these playful and interactive postcards which unfold into becoming a three-dimensional form architectural or urban cityscape scene. 



DJ QBert's Record Cover by Novalia

Novalia worked with DJ Qbert to create the world’s first interactive DJ Decks in an album cover.

Touching the paper connects to the Algoriddim DJAY app, allowing the user to scratch, mix and fade any songs they load into the software.
Complete with two decks, a cross fader and an array of SFX buttons beautifully printed onto paper using printed electronics and artwork designed by Morning Breath for QBert, the decks demonstrate the possibilities for interconnectivity between the physical and digital in a way that can enhance user experience.


James Read Video Box

Commissioned by Purple PR for leading self-tanning brand James Read, Think Tank produced this luxury looking branded video box. The package has an integrated 20 x 4" screen which gets activated by opening the box. The products was sent to key members of the press in order to present the new line and explain how the products worked through a series of videos.



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