Create Packaging That Gets Shared and Ultimately Bought. Part 1

A research conducted by Dotcom Distribution revealed that on a sample of 524 people, more than 40% stated that branded packaging makes them more likely to share a product image or video on social media, and consumers are 1.5 times more likely to share pictures of gift-like boxes than traditional brown boxes.

Among consumers who have shared pictures or videos of a branded product on social media, 84% have done so on Facebook, followed by Twitter (32%), Instagram (31%), YouTube (28%) and Pinterest (20%).

The study didn't consider online packaging & design publications, which are always on the hunt for content and products to feature.

Think Tank would like to give you a few tips on how to create packaging that gets shared boosting your brand visibility and granting your products a flying start.

Stay tuned for the second part of the post where we'll talk about innovation and sustainability!

Embed Your Brand Message into Your Packaging Material.

Isle of Harris Gin Case Study
Client: Harris Distillers
Agency: Stranger & Stranger

Material and finish are the two key elements that give personality to the design of your packaging. Premium quality is obviously extremely important, but is not the only factor to consider for the success of your packaging. You can upgrade your packaging game by embedding your brand message into your packaging material like Isle of Harris Gin did.

Isle of Harris, is a small Scottish island where in 2015 the great people of Isle of Harris Distillery started producing a brand new gin.

Copper and sugar kelp are the special ingredients that make Isle of Harris gin unique and also carrying with them the story of the heritage of this one of a kind spirit.

That's why, to create powerful packaging, the Harris Distillery and branding agency Stranger & Stranger decided to invest in premium primary packaging consisting of a beautiful iconic glass bottle and handmade paper containing sugar kelp and copper flecks within the label's paper.

This helped complete the story telling, desirability and shelf appeal of the product.
"Demand has far exceeded expectations...this bottle will provide a fundamentally important part of the enterprise's success" Simon Erlanger MD Isle of Harris.

Isle of Harris Gin has been featured in many online packaging publications such as Lovely Package and The Dieline, has won a number of awards including The Drinks Business: Best Design in Packaging and Spirits Award, The Dieline Awards 2016 and a double at the International Spirits Challenge, it has been shared profusely on social media and was shortlisted for an award at the Starpack Competition 2016.

Attention to Details Gets Noticed

Jo Malone "Jo Loves" Case Study
Client: Jo Malone
Agency: Pearlfisher

In recent years social media has become increasingly visual. Learning to show in addition to tell is a skill every brand needs to master.

According to L2's Intelligence Group, image-oriented by their very nature, fashion and beauty companies are investing heavily in platforms such as Instagram; 98% of L2's top fashion brands are on Instagram and 95% of beauty brands are on the platform — up from 75% and 78% in October 2013.

A spokesperson from Estée Lauder stated: "We want to be where our consumers are, and our customers and beauty enthusiasts love Instagram because of its visual and easy-to-consume nature"

Using high-quality narrative imagery you can successfully convey a unique point of view and generate brand awareness and brand favourability.

According to Iconosquare, Instagrammers are shoppers. Their 2015 study shows that 70% of IG users report having already looked up a brand on the platform and 62% of users follow a brand just because they like it. ComScore study adds that women on Pinterest are 28% more likely to be beauty shoppers than the average woman.

To create premium visual content, brands need to create premium looking products and packaging to fuel visually-based social platforms.

"We started with a simple white canvas and added elements that reflect my passion for British creativity and luxury – from the feel of the embossed Union Jack wrapped around each box to the rich red ribbon tied in a perfect bow." Jo Malone MBE, Founder of Jo Loves.

After returning to the fragrance industry with the launch of new venture 'Jo Loves', English scent maverick Jo Malone MBE needed a new sophisticated expression that would immediately stand out as being iconic and identifiable.

The key element of Jo Loves branding is a red dot; when creative agency Pearlfisher completed the rebranding they aimed to keep the packaging simple for maximum impact. The labels were all digitally printed with gloss varnish for the red dot, and two different paper stocks were utilised to respond to different product needs (shower and bathroom products for example requiring waterproof coating). A further touch of luxury and texture was added by embossing the Union Jack wrapped around each box.

The result was a range of products characterised by white texture and luxury finishes complemented by striking hints of red, delivering the luxury experience so eponymous with the product collection.

The look of Jo Malone's new line didn't go un-noticed on Social Media. The products and packaging have been shared online by numerous beauty blogs and influencers such as Beauty at Brunch, award-winning beauty editor Eleanor Pendleton and Jo Loves official Instagram feed is a thing of beauty that drives a lot of attention on the brand thanks to its products' stunning packaging.

Read the second part of the post where we talk about innovation and sustainability!

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