Marble Pattern Packaging & Merchandise

How to make anything look glamorous? Well, marble!

From accessories to food & drinks we selected some great packaging which main feature is boasting incredible marble patterns.

Get Inspired!  


Fitzroy Premium Navy Rum by Fitzroy

The beaches were littered with countless Coca-Cola wrappers, and so Fitzroy decided to collect them and created beautiful square bottle caps that have a natural marbled look. The caps are used to cover Fitzroy's Premium Navy Rum, which is now being marketed as the "world's first sustainable rum label." 



100% Real Marble Notebook by MikoL 

Described as "elegant notebooks for your board meetings," the office supplies have a stunning design perfect for the aesthetic-conscious.



S’well’s Signature Water Bottle 

Each bottle is ornamented with high-gloss motifs for a look that separates the product from common water bottles. 



White Marble Laptop Decal



Marble Makeup Palettes by Pür Cosmetics

Vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand Pür Cosmetics recently launched its eyeshadow Soirée Diaries and Contour Diaries makeup palettes with eye-pleasing marble packaging. 



Hautbox Luxury Gift Box by Yael Safirstein

Hautbox offers a uniquely refined, high-end gifting experience by mindfully curating luxurious gift boxes.



Marbled Chocolate Packaging

This marbled chocolate packaging by Raiane Girotte,  gives'Bendito Choco' brand a high-quality and luxurious look. 



Elements Candles Packaging by Noemie Pottiez



Diz-Diz Popcorn Packaging Design by TATABI Studio



Zazzle Marble Pattern Business Cards





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