Packaging of the Month: Naim Records Black Box #1

We love collaborating with NAIM, especially on a project that encloses all record label's talents. 

The limited edition Black Box CD collection has been designed to mark the significant contributions and developments made by artists, musicians, sound engineers and by Naim as a company over the last twenty-five years.

The first in the series ‘Box #1’ has been curated by Paul Stephenson (former Managing Director of Naim Audio) and with an exclusive eight-page pull-out, illustrates Paul’s personal journey, distinguished career at Naim and his treasured and intimate memories of working in the music and audio industry. 

These box sets will be individually numbered to offer dedicated customers a unique opportunity to own a special piece of Naim history.

Completing the collection, Black Boxes #2 and #3 will be available later this year, curated by Naim associated VIPs.


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