Top 10: Innovative Packaging Designs

These innovative packaging designs push the boundaries of concept and creativity. Agencies like Think Tank can help you source stylish and eco-friendly solutions for your packaging needs. 



Blood of Grapes Wine Bottle

Belarusian designer Constantin Bolimond designed a bottle based around the concept of wine as the blood of grapes. The striking form is themed off a human heart to reference the fruit’s origin – France. The product is realised in black and white finishes, featuring a simple inverse typeface to communicate the wine’s label.



Honey Made by Bees

“Natural forms are the best way to show the naturalness of product. You need only to recognize the form in order to understand what’s inside of the package. The design is simple and uncluttered to show off the clean and clear product.”

Designed by Maksi Marbuzov



Butter! Better!

Whenever we eat bread, at the picnic, in the cafe or aeroplane, we usually use disposable butter. "I replaced its ordinary container lid with a wooden, knife-shaped one. This way butter can be easily and quickly spread. Butter has 4 flavours which allow the user to make a choice, just as he would choose his favourite ice-cream. This container is not only easy and fast to use but also it makes the daily routine of spreading butter more fun and exciting".

Designed by Yeongkeun



Poilu Moustache Paint Brushes Paintbrushes

This humoristic packaging offers the function of assembling two products (two paintbrushes) together with only one cardboard printed on both sides. One paintbrush is a big one and the other is a small one for finishing touches. Once it’s folded, the package has two utilities: 1. Protecting paintbrushes when he is shipped. 2. Supporting the paintbrushes when it’s full of paint. Each paintbrush has been named and linked to a size number to identify them. The natural hairs of some paintbrush have been dyed. A paintbrush wall support is suggested after bought the product in order to keep your workspace clean and organised.

Designed by Simon Laliberté



Whitebites Dog Snacks

Whitebites is a creative packaging project by student Cecilia Uhr. Uhr created a fresh design with a humorous tone and eco-friendly packaging. The packaging has got striking pictures of different kinds of dog used to represent the size of the product and packaging. There are 3 sizes of the packaging for small, medium and large dogs. The dog mouths on the packaging have die cuts on them that allow consumers to see the product and also show the humorous white “teeth” of the dogs. the left ear of the packaging features as a flap which you can open and slide out one rawhide stick at a time. The hook for displaying the packaging in store is also beautifully concealed onto the right ear. Description, nutritional facts, ingredients are on the back of the packaging.

Designer: Cecilia Uhr



Smirnoff Caipiroska

To launch the new formula of the flavours of Smirnoff Caipiroska, the Brazilian drink that is popular worldwide, bottles with the texture of the fruit for the flavours lemon, passion fruit, berries and a diagonal perforation were used so that consumers could feel the unique experience of peeling a drink made of fruit. The bottles were sent in wooden crates to a select mailing list, just like the fruits are transported in large produce markets in Brazil.

Designer by JWT



Beehive Honey Squares

The Heartland line of breakfast cereals is a newly conceived experiment by the National Cereal Corporation. The marketing strategy is based on the celebration of breakfast cereal’s all-American roots. Each flavour will be named after a state’s nickname; the pilot being Beehive Honey Squares. The packaging seeks to stand out from the competition, a blatant contrast to the standard cereal box approach. 

Designed by Lacy Kuhn



Kokeshi Matchsticks

Kokeshi Match started as a product of pure creativity. In 1994, as a part of a group exhibition, Kumi Hirasaka drew faces of KOKESHI (traditional Japanese wooden dolls) on each match by hand. In 2000, Kokeshi Matches are mass produced and later expanded into various designs such as chicks, piggies, cats and cranes. 

Designed by



Fruit Juice Packaging

Designed by Naoto Fukasawa

The “improbable geometry” of juice-box shaped fruits is a big part of what makes these packages so intriguing. We’re surprised by “substantially square” products that are not ordinarily rectangular. Developed for the Haptic exhibition held in Tokyo in 2004, Juice Skin consists of juice boxes that appear to be wrapped in the actual skins of the fruit whose juice they contain. When first seen, the effect of the juice boxes is immediate: audiences quickly comprehend both the contents of the objects as well as the pun Fukasawa is making, since the use of actual fruit skin would be unworkable for this application. Borrowing the precise Japanese craft of simulation developed to make fake plastic food for restaurant displays, Fukasawa creates vividly realistic surfaces that conform to the improbable geometry of disposable beverage container.



Note Earphones

Noté earbud packaging is an environmentally and economically considerate alternative to a traditionally over-packaged product. Forsaking the use of glue or plastic, the earbuds are wrapped around a single piece of carton to suggest musical notes.

(Designer: Corinne Pant)

[Source: Bored Panda]

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