Top 10: Open Packaging Designs

Think Tank has selected ten packages that not only stand out on shelves but also utilise window-infused designs to reveal a preview of what exactly is contained inside. The window allows the consumer to have a personal sneak-peek at what they are about to purchase. In the current era of transparency, the phrase "what you see is what you get" has never rung truer. 


Pichi Pichi's Phone Pouches Mimic the Way Food is Sold

Taking inspiration from the brand name, Pichi Pichi, which means fresh and lively in Japanese, these fun phone pouches were created as packaging. Rather than placing phone accessories in the usual boxes or plastic containers, these bags take inspiration from food packaging. This is most evident on the stamp that notes how the phone products are "sealed for freshness," as well as the product description panels that are mocked up like nutritional labels, without being overly obvious about it. With a resealable closure on the snack bag and a clear section on the front of the Pichi Pichi packaging, the phone accessory inside is presented like something bright, fresh and tantalizing that should be preserved.

Design by Mathew Epstein 


The Myo Gesture Control Band is Packaged to Display Its Motion Focus

The Myo Gesture Control Armband is made for motion, so it's only natural that the designers behind its packaging would want to make that as apparent as possible. Placed in a box with a clear top, the box gives the product maximum visibility. Yet what makes it really stand out is the fact that the box can be opened, allowing people to try it on. By doing so, it's clear by the design of the Myo Gesture Control Armband that it's meant to be worn. With flexible moving parts, consumers are given the opportunity to admire the product in more ways than one. In a way, the Myo Gesture Control Armband packaging mimics tech store displays on a more casual level.

Design by Uneka 


Ingredissimo Packaging Expresses Rich and Colored Texture in Circular Piles

When Lo Siento of Spain designed the little boxes for this line of culinary condiments, the studio settled on the continuous image of a circle to mark every different flavour. Tomato crunch, gummy fruits, ground toffee and dried vegetables have all be tucked into the same white cartons with tiny windows to reveal the scrumptious spices, medleys and toppings within. Ingredissimo packaging features a richly coloured and textural ring on top of each box, created by carefully arranging the contents into O-shaped piles.

Design by Losiento


This Body Shop Beauty Gift Set 

The beauty gift set packaging has a grey, wood-mimicking design. The lid has a transparent window, allowing you to peak in and see the trio set in a turquoise coloured tray (which also matches the green colouring of the product packaging).

Product by Body Shop


Fireflies Inspired Packaging for CS Light Bulbs

Each package features beautifully illustrated insects and die cuts that make the lightbulb part of the design, ultimately creating a unique solution that allows the product to stand out. “We were inspired by the textbooks on physics and entomology almanacs of the early 20th century. That is why we combined the idea of a modern ‘cold light bulb’ and the imagery of insects. Simple electrical circuit graphics, monotonous illustration and clean backgrounds were all made to focus on the product. The diverse shapes of light bulbs fit perfectly into the silhouettes of insect’s bodies.”

Design by Angelina Pischikova



"We tried several variations of lettering and chose the minimalistic one which harmonises with the brand logo". The wood box makes product exclusive, good-looking, fashionable, hand-made and has good ergonomic characteristics. It`s more than just a box, it`s an art object that can get a second life. a box made of natural wood has a magnet lock, hole on the front side helps to open the box and shows us internal content.

Design by Alina Kazachuk


Modern Kanine 

The bold colours used in this design instantly stand out amongst eco-friendly bags (which are often green) or other colours which lacked that certain energy Studio Wulf was aiming to achieve. Ultimately, the aim was to turn a less-than-exciting task into something a little more fun and positive. They also reflect the unique personalities of dogs themselves. “They're each so different,” she added. “Each has a vibrancy and joy, and that's what we wanted to express through the branding and packaging system.”Modern Kanine also catches eyes with its unique closure system. The box doesn’t just hold the rolls of the bag; instead, the tops lift in an unconventional way and the customer can grab a few rolls with ease. “The box acts as a dispenser for the roll to create a seamless experience between packaging and product rather than just housing the product."

Design by Studio Wulf



“The design of the single pack is based on the recycled cardboard box with a rounded opening on top, making it easy to see the colour of the sock inside. On top of the box is also a gold engraving of the brand. The idea behind the mystery pack comes from the well-known paper towel box, but instead of pulling out paper towels, you pull out random colour socks.”

Design by Petr Kudlacek


Little Balena

Little Balena’s packaging tells a story to potential buyers without cluttering the packaging in an unappealing way. Kraft paper contributes to a more natural feeling, indicative of the finest quality fabrics and cotton to create each quilt. The whale’s tail and the sprouts of the tree appear in the same shape, communicating two different aspects of the brand—that of the idea behind the brand as well as the good they do in the community. A cutout allows buyers to see the quilt before opening it, acting as a little teaser to get them excited about the product.

Designed by makebardo


Bijou Factory's DIY Jewelry Kit

Idea was to create a custom box, which breaks the classic codes of the jewel case, by adding a window that shows the centrepiece of the product. A fresh, colourful and soft packaging that matches the jewellery as well as the target customers. The shapes appearing on the box are reminiscent of handmade work and reminds the potential consumer of the different pieces of the jewellery.

Designed by Phoenix The Creative Studio

[Source: Trend Hunter & The Dieline ]

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