Top 10 retail shopping bags from luxurious to quirky to 100% recyclable

Shopping bags are the word of mouth advertising that silently speaks volumes about your product. A well designed, good quality, stunning looking shopping bag showcases your business on the high street. Your customers automatically become mobile brand advocates.

When the carrier bag looks amazing and it's durable quality, it reminds existing and potential customers how great your brand is when they use it time after time, which is also good for the environment!

The humble shopping bag is a versatile product, below we selected a number of our favourites, from luxurious to quirky they all represent a fantastic secondary packaging solution, always keeping an eye on sustainability.


Studio Couche shopping bags designed by Hiroko Sakai 


Mackelli Nail Spa shopping bags by La Tortilleria.


Qubic Store bags by Casey Ng

Only environmentally friendly materials are used – recycled cardboard, waterbased inks and 3M's re-pulpable adhesive tape; all of which can be safely included in household recycling.


Soho Farm branded premium gift bags, manufactured by ThinkTank.


"Expedition" shopping bag, designed by Kirill Ermoshin.


Escentric Molecules bespoke gift bags, manufactured by ThinkTank.


Harvey Nichols high-end carriers.


'Rag Bags', biodegradable shopping bags by Swedish brand 'Uniforms for the Dedicated'.


Origami shopping bag.


Quirky underwear shop carrier bag by Kate McLaren.


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