Top 5: Artisanal Packaging Designs

In this blog, we have selected 5 examples of the best product packaging with artisanal designs, resulting in a nostalgic look and feel to their target audience. 


Lucky Layla Farms Packaging 

The visual identity of this packaging originates from the Texas farm's in 1968 and the blue ribbon quality of its yield. Designer, Jay Ressler used the image of the ribbon to decorate the milk cartons and alongside a distinguished palette of dulled blue, red and white, combined with Old West typefaces to highlight it's heritage and artisan look.

Designed by Jay Ressler


Woopidoo Goes with a Pin-up 

Woopidoo is a baked goods brand that has considered the past for this branding inspiration. The result is an identity concept that exemplifies the style of baking from the 50s with this vintage look. 

Designed by TIMES Branding


Xinyi L Creates the Identity for Toys of the 60s

Inspired by vintage toys of the 60s this design sports a colour-blocked look featuring blue and beige hues.

Designed by Xinyi L


ZumZumZ Offers Special Treats to Reward Oneself

ZumZumZ is a brand that offers artisanal treats with a branding identity to match. The treats are presented in a recyclable box that takes on a vintage and classic feel. This is then complete with the company logo on the front, wrapped in string material making it easier to transport. 

Designed by Package Inspiration


The Hudson Made Scullery Soap Design Packaging is Simple and Fresh

The Hudson Made Scullery Soap contemporary packaging is representative of the company, which designs locally harvested soaps made from all natural ingredients. "These artisanal soaps are hand-numerated to identify the batch number and wrapped and sealed with a sticker. Simple one-colour letterpress printing exemplifies 19th-century graphics and product packaging which is an ongoing inspiration for the brand. The typography is based on 19th-century American display fonts and typewriter text which strike a balance between historical reference and contemporary design," -  Hovard of the new design.

Designed by Hovard Design


[Source: Trend Hunter]

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