Top 5: Connected Packaging

In this blog, we have selected 5 examples of connected packaging designs that incorporate the use of interactive elements in the purchasing process. Many brands are turning to mobile apps and mobile technology to encourage consumer engagement. Transforming packaging into augmented experiences and digital games, brands are seeking to not only connect with a generation consumed by technology but also create a more memorable consumer-brand experience.  


This Bottled Water Product Shares Fortune Cookie Sayings via QR Code

'Fortune Water' is a fun bottled water product that takes inspiration from a new wave of interactive packaging, as well as the sayings that are printed on small slips of paper inside fortune cookies. As its name suggests, Fortune Water provides fun fortunes, but they are not printed anywhere on the bottle. Instead, consumers must access their unique fortune by scanning a QR code on the front of the bottle. For instance, a bottled water drinker may scan the code to reveal a message such as: "If you have something good in your life, don't let it go!" Many brands are now exploring the use of QR codes and NFC packaging solutions as a means of helping consumers find out more about a product, its ingredients, origins or a brand's philosophy, as well as promotional details such as current deals, upcoming discounts or even contests.

Designed by Carlos Teles


The Bluelounge 'Quick Peek' Smart Organizing Labels Ensure Packing Efficiency

Knowing what's inside a box requires opening it up to take a look, but the Bluelounge 'Quick Peek' smart organising labels are designed to change this. Coming in a pack of 32, the Bluelounge 'Quick Peek' labels work with an accompanying smartphone app to let users pack boxes and snap pictures of what's inside. This information is then tied to a QR code on the label to let users simply scan it with their smartphone, to see what's inside at a later date. The Bluelounge 'Quick Peek' smart organising labels are an effective method of organising that work well for those who are putting things into storage or packing up for a move. It eliminates the need to open a box and helps users keep track of the things they have stored.

Product by Bluelounge


Brisk Creates The Ultimate Collector's Edition Package For Black Panther

To generate excitement before the release of Black Panther, PepsiCo’s Global Design Team and the creators of the movie developed a series of special-edition collectable cans for its Brisk brand. Beyond just featuring the faces of some of the main characters in the film, the limited-edition cans engaged VIPs and influencers with high-tech features. The package uses a magnetic carton and fully printed HiLight Smart LEDs that light up when activated to reveal Wakandan script. Those who received the collectable cans also got their hands on a comic, numbered lithographs, a behind-the-scenes book, beads and a tablet with a peek at the film. As part of the campaign, the unboxing experiences shared by the recipients of these special Black Panther packs were successful in generating millions of views on YouTube.

Created by PepsiCo


Music Festival-Connected Bottles

SharpEnd IoT has recently partnered with Pernod Ricard to ring in the summer with its connected bottle campaign. The campaign will be featured on Pernod Ricard's Malibu rum and will allow consumers to unlock a Snapcode imprinted on the design of the bottle. The release of the Connected bottle will be launched in conjunction with the music festival Ibiza Rocks and the Snapcode featured in the design will offer an Ibiza Rocks Spotify playlist, Malibu Summer drink recipes and entry into a contest to win a holiday to the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. This will not be the first time SharpEnd IoT and Pernod Ricard have worked together, as the two previously collaborated on a previous connected Malibu bottle as well as a range of products from Absolut vodka. The past partnerships have proved fruitful for Pernod Ricard and have helped the brand better appeal to its target millennial market.

Product by Malibu


WiFi-Enabled Wine Bottles

A Boston-based startup recently launched an Indiegogo campaign for the world's first WiFi-enabled wine bottle. While wine itself has been fine-tuned over the years, wine bottles have remained relatively unchanged. Now there is a smart bottle that brings wine into the 21st century. Dubbed "the world's first smart wine bottle," Kuvée is an aluminium bottle equipped with an interactive touchscreen label. Instead of a traditional paper label, the bottle comes with a full-colour LED screen. This screen can be connected to WiFi to provide users with information about the grapes used, the region the wine is from, the history of the estate and the biography of the winemakers. Users can even use the label to order more bottles of wine online or rate their favourite varieties. The WiFi-enabled wine bottle is sure to appeal to tech-savvy wine drinkers who are looking for a more engaging drinking experience.

Product by Kuvee

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