Top 5: Eco-Friendly Packaging Innovations of 2018

In this blog, we have selected 5 examples of the best innovative eco-friendly packaging, resulting in reduced usage of plastic waste. These eco-friendly packaging can also be recycled after use which feeds the growing desire for sustainable alternatives in packaging.


Eco Paper Bottles

'The Paper Bottle Project' aims to offer a solution to minimize waste and ultimately empower brands and consumers alike to introduce a sustainable replacement for plastic to support the environment. They are made from virgin pulp derived from Scandinavian forests and the design of the physical packaging represents the unique material used in constructing the vessel. The design incorporates elements of the Spruce and Pine trees. Each unit is branded with a "grade stamp" that mimics the symbol-based system used in the forest industry to identify the quality of different lumber products.

Designed By: Grow



Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Bags

Beco pets' dog waste bags are made from degradable materials and recycled cardboard. This also makes up the core that keeps the bags in tact in the packaging. Beco Pets' alternative intends to make a big impact due to the traditional use of plastic being its core alternative. The degradable plastic that makes up the bags is also more durable, allowing them to be carried to a disposal without fear of any breakage.

Product By: becopets



Redefining GoPro's Environmental Impact

Designer Brandon Fretwell is suggesting a new cardboard packaging for the GoPro camera while adhearing to the company's unique aesthetics and branding it is known for. This impressive packaging solution uses far less resources and materials while protecting the camera. The package is comprised of six pieces of cardboard that maintains the design-focused aesthetic of the brand. This unique and recognizable material prompts consumers to recycle, while sparking conversations about protecting the environment. In addition, the amount of materials used has been greatly reduced to save on both distribution and transportation costs. Finally, it also embodies GoPro's brand mission to "help create experiences and realities that expand our world and inspire those around us."

Designed By: Brandon Fretwell



Mixed Shoes Packaging 

The long boxes designed to sneakers inside its cavity. The construction comprises half wood and half thick recyclable cardboard. The two pieces fit together at an angled connection to create visual intrigue while establishing a memorable experience of opening to see its contents. A thick and colourful acrylic band hugs the middle where they merge, keeping the container closed tightly.

Designed by Ryan Romanes



Qubic Adhestive Handle Branding

Inspired by the store's Reuse and Recycle philosophy this holiday season, designer Casey Ng came up with Qubic concept packaging that aims to reduce the amount of waste associated with buying and gift wrapping. These brown paper sacks serves two purposses, they can become the shopping bag and the covering that conceals the gift beneath the Christmas tree.
Casey has created stick-on handles to allow Qubic concept packaging to be rolled up tightly for smaller items and custom-fitted with s sturdy recycled cardboard handgrips.

Designed by casey-ng


[Source: Trend Hunter]

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