Top 5: Foil Stamped Packaging Designs

In this blog, we have selected 5 packaging examples of the best uses of reflective foil on packaging designs.


Crude Raw Chocolate Shines Bright

Crude Raw Chocolate exemplifies a mix of luxury and nature by pairing sustainability in the form of cardboard and eye-catching metallic foil. 

Designed by: Happycentro



Delicate Macaron Packaging

"The gold foiling on the elements and the logo add a touch of sophistication and elegance. The goal of this design was to incorporate elements that included re-crafted historical drawings to reflect the traditional and regal nature of the product and brand."

Designed by: Blow



Fishion Chinese New Year Pocket by BLOW

BLOW collaborated with Polytrade Paper using these colourful astrobrights papers paired with the theme ‘Fishion’ for the Chinese New Year. The Fish represents wealth and prosperity in Chinese traditions which is synchronised with the raised reflective gold and silver foil. 

Designed by: BLOW 



Bloom Farms

"The strategy for the hand roll packaging was to extract graphics from the Bloom Farms brand, then use those elements in an abstracted and minimal manner to highlight the purity of the product. The result is a new brand that is derivative of the original brand, but stands alone with its own unique look and feel. The foiling details along with the leaf illustration add a luxurious touch to the product without making it seem over-the-top." 

Designed by: Pavement



Bulgari VIP Experience Kit

"The figure of the reptile, in gold foil, is a symbol of eternal youth and immortality. It’s been an integral and long-established part of the aesthetic universe of this Italian jeweller and adds an ancient yet powerful element to the packaging design."

Designed by: Karen Hsin, A. Marcus Group


[Source: Dieline]

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