Top 5: Immersive Packaging

In this blog, we have selected 5 examples of Immersive packaging designs that provide detail information about its product or content. This is the result of effective collaborations between brands and designers producing disruptive packaging that stands out from the crowd with comprehensible typefaces. Many brands are seeking new ways of communicating the functionality of their product from the outset before unveiling their product. We have chosen the designs below as they have creatively achieved this. 


Daqustic Speakers

In need of a brand identity that would express this abstract concept, Daqustic turned to the Mexico based Sabbath Visuals for a solution. Sabbath Visuals created a brand concept that was based on how sound waves travel and bounce through the different spaces they are projected into. The visual representation of sound waves for this project is a mixture of strong, curvy lines combined with softer keylines, creating a high contrast between line weights and shapes. Continuing this high contrast art direction, Sabbath Visuals chose to work with a black and white colour palette which would reflect the cohesive and timeless language of sound. The result is abstract and fearless. For the speaker’s packaging, Sabbath Visuals experimented with speciality print finishes such as silver foil and letterpress. Unlike most audio products on the market, Daqustic didn't choose to travel down the traditional route by opting not to feature a blown up image of the product on their packaging. Discreetly placed alongside the specs is a thinly lined illustration of the speakers it contains. The Daqustic brand identity is a bold statement and daring in its departure away from the industry norm. “The product packaging was designed for a speaker created with raw materials such as cement pad and dark wood.”

Designed by Sabbath Visuals


A Gift of Water 

This may seem like an average sleek water bottle but, the message emblazoned on the box was an important one. "Each bottle was housed in a custom handmade box created with a book-binding board. The modern line art design was laser engraved and letterpressed onto Neenah Classic Crest Epic Black using metallic inks.”

Designed by LRXD


Nike TechPack

Taboo combines many different elements to create this introspective box for Nike TechPack. With transparent acrylic, a camo pattern, reds and blacks, and photographs of the products in action, recipients have a lot to admire outside the box. When assembled, it holds a world of possibility that brings the recipient to appreciate the Nike brand itself. This box has multiple layers that make the product inside even more fascinating. The packaging combines the streamlined modern style and vivid colours of the collection to create a layered locking system. The apparel is enclosed by a transparent acrylic cover of the seasonal woodland camo print and Nike's championship female athletes.

Designed by Taboo


Hang Nightlight

"Hang Up™ is a stylish ambient light that can be hung anywhere, whether it’s on the door as a night light or in the wardrobe to shine some light on a fashion faux pas. Designed to be functional whilst minimal, with a diameter measuring only 14mm. Copper accents are featured throughout the product and packaging. A refined yet minimal approach was also taken with the graphic style of the packaging."

Designed by Luckies of London


Milk Light

Luckies of London designed this adorable packaging for Milk Light, the LED light that comes in the shape of a classic milk bottle. The packaging is made from natural cardboard with white silk print and gold foil finish. It comes with a counter display unit that resembles a classic milk carrier, just like those carried by the milkman on their morning deliveries.

Designed by Luckies of London

[Source: Dieline]

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