Top 5: "Living Coral" Packaging Designs

In this blog, we have selected 5 packaging examples of the best uses of Pantone's colour of the year "Living Coral".


PYT Beauty Primary and Secondary 

This PYT Beauty line features black packaging, with a light embossment and the company's logo in bright orange. 

Designed by: Polygraph


Costa Caribe's Tropic Graphic Branding 

"The inspiration for this project is ‘the golden hour’, which is one of the most romantic moments on the beach, it has almost a mandatory stop to appreciate the colour of the sun that covers all our surroundings, it is a moment of calm and enjoyment that remains in our memory. We take the visual characteristics that surround it to apply them to the brand.”

Designed by: Futura 


Mother's Root Golden Power

“The concept, designed by Kiss Branding, takes a full on indulgent approach to Turmeric based skincare. In combination with raw burnt red colours and organic shapes, the design celebrates the product's earthy and natural healing origins.”

Designed by: Kiss Branding


RBB Cosmetics

“Precisely to reflect the naturalness and purity of its principles, the brand travels graphic landscapes interpreted by torn paper". These are resources that give strength and personality to the brand.

Designed by: democràcia estudio


Texture and Sophisticated Design

The design plays with visually appealing textures in order to create a luxurious solution for their wine and olive oil products. The packaging retains the values of class and hand-craft which came to express the starred restaurant.”

Designed by: Kidstudio

[Source: Dieline]

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