Top 5: Non Plastic Packaging

In this blog, we have selected 5 examples of packaging designs that are void of the use of plastic. Many brands are seeking alternatives to become more eco-friendly and more responsible. While diverting away from the use of plastic may be somewhat challenging, brands are creating a more memorable consumer-brand experiences none the less.  


Soap-Based Packaging

As part of a Baby Care Wear campaign, Bennison packaged its infant clothing range in water-soluble and non-toxic biodegradable soap paper. With this packaging system, parents and caregivers are able to tear off a piece of the packaging and use it to clean a baby's clothes. This unique packaging was developed in response to many infant deaths that happen around the world due to hypothermia and dramatic fluctuations in a baby's body temperature or unhygienic conditions. By providing a warm piece of clothing for infants and a means to clean it with, Bennison hopes to create a life-saving solution for children around the world. In order to communicate what makes its infant packaging so unique, branding on Bennison's products simply say: "This package is made of soap."

Product by Bennison


Concrete Jewelry Boxes

These unique, handmade boxes made of whole concrete. They are produced in several sizes and two colours – grey and anthracite – according to a purchased jewel inside. They are wholly made of concrete, with four magnets attached to their edges to keep closed easily. The Gravelli logo is "printed" on each box and every production mould has the inscription in it, so the logo looks like it has been engraved into the box. Concrete Gravelli boxes are served often in the same material as the design object themselves, they can be easily used as a unique home accessory. But, most importantly, they can do the purposed trick while corresponding with the supplied content inside them to create a complex experience.

Designed by Gravelli


Simple Smart Modular

By studying the centre of gravity in conjunction with the basic lines defined by the objects, this packaging was “built” with cardboard while keeping in mind the various shapes and sizes of lamp choices (3 different options). Thus the exterior of each box was shaped according to the various needs of the internal arrangement, the result is sculptural while predicated on its core form or use. The surfaces are raw and the design is deliberately focusing mainly to box manufacturing.

Designed by talc design studio


Nike Kyrie2 x Duke Seed Kit

“Framed in Bass wood, this drawer box is a beautiful use of it's core materials. The heft of the natural wood imparts the gravity and singular nature of the shoe inside. The coordinated blue book cloth, imported from Italy, and custom dyed blue leather stand out vibrantly against the gold metallic foil stamping of the logo trifecta: Kyrie Irving x Nike x Duke. A powerhouse collaboration. To drive it all home, the inside of the box is lined with genuine parquet basketball court flooring.”

Designed by R/GA & TaylorBox



'Karta-Pack' is the name of an innovative material that's made from 100% post-consumer material, such as recycled cotton fibres from discarded jeans and t-shirts. The hybrid material boasts the comforting feel of cotton, as well as the durability of plastic, which makes it ideal for use as a packaging material, especially in high-end applications. As well as lending a luxurious look and feel to nestable and stackable product packaging solutions, the Karta-Pack pulp helps to recycle millions of cotton clothing items annually that would otherwise completely go to waste. Beyond packaging for a variety of consumer products, the 100% compostable and waste-based innovative material may even be able to give form to moulded furniture designs that are strong and supportive, yet also feel soft like fabric.

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