Top 10: Visually Stimulating Packaging

In this blog, we have selected 10 examples of visually stimulating designs that capture the attention and minds of onlookers. This is the result of designers breaching the bounds of creativity and innovation. Many brands are seeking new ways of creating memorable consumer-brand experiences when interacting or unveiling their product. We have selected a few designs below that we believe do just that.  


The Clicquot Arrow

“The goal of this project was to turn a simple package into a collector’s item while utilising the opportunity to transform a simple packaging into a memory box.” To pay tribute to the Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin story and foundation in 1772, marked by great expeditions throughout the world and its spirit of adventure in order to enhance the brand visibility. SERVAIRE&CO has imagined an audacious yet elegant packaging as part of the new program 'Clicquot Journey', inspired by the traditional road signs. The Clicquot Arrow point the way using a metal case, with a sliding lid and contains one 75cl bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut.

Designed by SERVAIRE&CO


Barebones in Boxes

"The custom wood packaging we used for Barebones is made from Paulownia: an eco-friendly, low-cost material that has the high-quality feel. We added a dark stain finish to the wood to increase the presence of the package against the cream based background. The focus was on the product allowing the premium packaging to stand out while taking a back seat. This custom wood package can be shelved, stacked or hung on a peg."

Designed by Process AG 



The Panda Wine

“This rice wine is made from black rice, which is said to help against fatigue. The packaging design therefore visually incorporates this symptom. Two grains of black rice, which are placed at an angle, form the eyes of a panda in order to appeal to the customer’s emotions with the cuteness factor. At the same time, the ‘panda eyes’ refer to dark circles under the eyes caused by long-term lack of sleep. This key visual thus reminds busy people of their health, in line with the slogan: ‘No matter how busy and tired you are, Dong Jiu is always here for your health.’ The black-and-white contrasting gives the overall image a puristic look.”

Designed by BXL Venus Creative Team



Holographic Obé Dream

This design reflects energy with powerful and stimulating colours, dynamic forms performing together to compose a feeling of dynamism and transformation. This is also a James Turrel inspired colour gradient with iridescent texture. Combined with experimental and fun editorial design, it creates a dynamic brand, giving an illusion of constant movement.

Designed by Futura



Chinese New Year 

The happy festive gift box of YOULIYOUJIE™ titled ‘Nian Zai Yi Qi’ is inspired by the Spring Festival Market, which through the classic scroll illustration creation techniques, puts together traditional memory and modern life in series. 

Designed by Yimi Xiaoxin



Feel Glass Engages All Five of Your Senses

The inspiration behind this packaging design was to incorporate the five human senses into it. "It is visually stimulating, the smooth sound you hear when you pull the box slide, tasting the glass, smelling the wood and feeling the whole box is part of the experience."  Consequently, reminding the target audience that glassware can be a luxurious glass that we cannot live without and that drink-wares are worth spending money on.

Designed by Jeff Jen


Vicuña by Amano

This packaging consists of a dark, wood stained box with white, gold embossed stationery and bags to achieve both the luxurious and natural look the studio was strived to achieve. "We designed simple and natural looking wooden boxes. They were made by local artisans with 100% Peruvian wood, without the need of any other materials or accessories. This means that no screws or hinges were necessary to keep the box and its content in place. In order to highlight the uniqueness of this limited edition, we marked each box with a handwritten individual serial number."

Designed by Provincia Estudio Creativo


The Gift of Peace

 A contemporary batik work designed specifically to celebrate Christmas.

Designed by Nero Graphic Atelier


Volkswagen - Eat the Road

To mark the occasion Volkswagen has cooked up something special: The Eat the Road Selection box, a gourmet selection of the world’s meanest roads, hand-picked especially for the GTI. A car designed to eat any road, from the sea highways of Norway to the Arizona Valley of Fire. Perfectly bounded in a picture frame style unit with crimson red pull ribbon.

Designed by Memac Ogilvy & Mather


Smokey The Bear 

The design comes with a sense of elegance yet still retains a retro feeling, reinforcing the historical context of this cherished forest mascot.“It was important that, for this limited-edition watch, we give the Smokey Bear enthusiast more than just a watch. Therefore we created a sort of capsule collection that included, besides the watch, a certificate of authenticity, a collection of vintage postcards, a Smokey Bear book and a collectors bandana. The book included the story of the long connection that Filson has with the US Forest Service. Details include, gold foil, gold paper and gold ink used throughout the piece and small production details with the intent to always give something more to enhance the Smokey Bear and Filson experience.”

Designed by Lodge 26

[Source: Dieline]

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