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Best Packaging Designs of April 2019


Drops of Freshness From Drops of Rain

This packaging design is inspired by the ripples from water drops in the spring rain. The circles found on the glass bottle itself features multi-size spheres to emulate the natural occurrence and stand out from the crowd in perfumery boutiques.


Sirus Saffron

Being a high-end product, the packaging is designed not only to protect its inner contents, but purposefully to convey a unique message of the product inside. The saffron packaging design takes the consumer on a journey, closer to the ancient food & culinary history of The Great Empire of Persia. The composition aims to ensure a visual and sensory experience, playing with transparent and opaque elements.



The shape of the package is correlated to the vineyard of the winery where it originates. The unique aspect of this package is the mesmerising unboxing effect. The 3 layers of premium carton open similar to a traditional oriental folding fan. The packaging has a wooden base (like a trophy) of dark wood and assembled entirely by hand in Bavaria.

Design by: Clormann Design


Fendi's Red Packet 2019 Is A Beautiful High-End Gift

Fendi's high-end design with intricate detailing solidifies its status within the fashion industry. "Fendi’s classic handbag Baguette makes a strong come back in 2019, getting the spotlight as the it bag of the year, hence the design of the red pocket gift set takes inspiration from Baguette, and combine it with Chinese traditional elements: the double door gift set resembles Chinese old lacquered box, with 3D Peonies and Roses in embroidery visual effect. The red pockets are adorned with embossed Peonies and the brand’s logo, they come in both gold and silver palettes. All peony motifs are painstakingly drawn by our designers. There are two versions for the gift set—the lacquered box is the deluxe version, each side can hold 10 red packets." - 


Kopke Very Old Dry White Port

"To Omdesign the challenge was to create a differentiating design for this packaging limited to 350 bottles. The agency opted to keep black and bronze as basis for this packaging, colours associated to the chromatic universe and DNA of the brand. Inside, there is a numbered booklet that certifies the authenticity of this wine, and the iconic Kopke bottle, that symbolizes all the tradition of this centenary brand. Kopke Very Old Dry White Port resulted as a proof of the mastery and passion that crossed generations to reach us until the present day, with the same tradition as their founder, Cristiano Nicolau Kopke. The exclusivity of this edition is ensured by the noble materials chosen to compose it, as the fine paper illustrating natural black leather that covers its exterior and the bronze sealing wax, reinforcing the identity of this special wine."

Design by:  Omdesign

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