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Eco-Friendly Beauty Packaging


Elo Soaps

Elo Soaps' is a brand specializing in natural handmade soaps that draw inspiration from Greek Mythology. The products boast branding that was designed by Mike Karolos and will appeal to lovers of organic skincare. The soaps are 100% natural and are based in Greek olive oil. Since Greek olive oil is the main component of the natural handmade soaps, Mike Karolos decided to use Greek mythology to inspire the design of each package. The packaging features images of six Greek gods in a geometric pop art style that combines traditional and modern motifs. There are a variety of scents in the collection, including pomegranate, gardenia, mango and cedar. 

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Storybook Skincare

In an effort to create a more ethereal packaging experience for consumers to enjoy, the La Mer Hydrating Serum packaging is inspired by the playful design of children's storybooks. Designed by MW Luxury Packaging, the packaging design consists of a presentation box that is opened to reveal a series of illustrated pictures that unfold out of the box top. Vibrant imagery adorns each page along with copy that speaks of the product's great capabilities when it comes to uplifting skin to being as beautiful and healthy as possible. The La Mer Hydrating Serum packaging finally reveals the product after the story has been told and pairs it with a mirror that can be used to apply it to the face. What's created is a playful experience for consumers to enjoy that calls to mind the simple pleasures of being young.

[La Mer Products]


Marble Stone Cosmetic 

The Bacci custom cosmetics branding is the design work of Noname Branding and takes a number of design cues from nature in order to create a packaging concept that is effortlessly neutral yet inherently feminine. Highlighting neutral colors with accents of gray marble, the Bacci packaging balances sharp edges with strategically placed contouring in order to add an hourglass shape. These design elements work together to create a modern, high-end product line that will be appreciated by female shoppers who are looking for quality products with designer accents. The Bacci custom cosmetic branding is accented with the brands insignia that features an uppercase B that has been accented with lines in order to create the look of a fingerprint to drive home the customization aspect.

[Bacci Cosmetics


Dry Shampoo Blotting Sheets

Within the world of beauty, blotting papers are commonly used as an on-the-go solution for controlling oil and shine on the face. Now, Nunzio Saviano is introducing a similar product for one's hair. Consumers are familiar with the idea that dry shampoo is generally offered in the form of a powder or a spray, but Nunzio Saviano's Dry Shampoo Blotting Sheets introduce an even more inventive form. Just like blotting sheets for the face, these portable papers boast the ability to absorb excess oil from hair, as well as aid with shine and static control. Using these sheets is as simple as pressing the papers into the hair and scalp and following with a brush to boost shine and volume. These sheets can easily be taken on a plane as an alternative to a travel-sized liquid shampoo, and unlike liquid or powdered haircare products, spilling them is not even a possibility.

[Nunzio Saviano Products


Canned Bath Salts

As an alternative to package-free bath bombs or bath salts that are sold by the bottle, MAD Beauty packages its Soda Pop Bath Fizzers in a novelty container. The soda-inspired bath salts in scents like Lemonade, Cherryade and Cream Soda are packaged in containers that resemble metal soda cans, which helps to reiterate the effervescent qualities of the product. Once emptied, these fun containers could even be used for storing a variety of small items. MAD Beauty also offers a trio of lip products in the same sweet flavours, which are also packaged in a similar style that reminds of classic soda cans. Some of the other novelty beauty products offered by the company include compact mirrors that are shaped like biscuits, cereal-flavoured lip balms and body washes that are packaged like jars of homemade jam.

[MAD Beauty Products]


Interchangeable Cosmetic Cases

Aiming at making it possible for consumers to own makeup cases that will accommodate all of their favorite items from different brands, the Renzoe Box is a modern approach to cosmetic packaging. The Renzoe Box works with Renzoe Pods that enable consumers to intermix high-end brands with lower end options in order to get the exact products they use the most. The Renzoe Box makeup cases make it possible for those who wear makeup to keep all of their various palettes and shades in one spot without the need to have them all separate. This means they'll be able to do their makeup from one unified spot without having to deal with individual containers spread out all over.

[Renzo Box


Single Use Soap Sheets

In the UK, Lush Cosmetics offers consumers an innovative way to buy soap in the form of soap sheets, which are branded as either Washcards and Wash Sheets. These thin, rectangular cleansing products resemble sheets of paper that can be torn, or rubbed directly onto the skin as desired. These sheets are made with nourishing ingredients like melon pulp, as well as fruit and botanical oils and are printed with humorous sayings like 'Wash You Were Here.' Lush Cosmetics is known for being a producer of many package-free products, including bath bombs and soap bars, but its assortment also includes other beauty and personal care products in unusual forms. Other than its innovative Washcards, Lush Cosmetics also offers solid cosmetics and bath oils in ball form.

[Lush Products]


Eco-Friendly Makeup Sponges

The fact that EcoTools makes eco makeup tools is right in its name; for years, the brand has specialized in the creation of environmentally friendly makeup brushes and now, it is introducing an all-new makeup sponge made from 70% plant-based materials. The ‘Perfecting Blender Duo’ with EcoFoam Technology been launched in two sizes and two shades of green. In terms of shape, the sponges have a tapered design that help to apply cosmetics flawlessly. While the bigger size is ideal for building light coverage over large areas, the smaller, firmer size is better suited to work involving details. Since the sponge is a porous makeup applicator, the brand recommends cleansing the sponge weekly to prevent the buildup of bacteria. Fortunately, the EcoTools Brush Shampoo can also be used to cleanse this eco makeup tool.

[EcoTools Products]


Sustainable Cosmetics Containers

Barcelona-based packaging manufacturer Rafesa reinvents cosmetics containers, replacing materials that are traditionally harsh on the environment with a more sustainable option. The company's packaging solutions are made out of durable PET material, and feature the "perfect compatibility with most components that are used in the formulation of cosmetic products." The cosmetics containers that Rafesa creates are sleek and simplistic in their overall design, allowing for plenty of customization when it comes to aesthetic details and brand identity. Each container is also completely recyclable, making it an environmentally responsible choice for consumers that are serious about both the ingredients and the company practices adopted by the skincare brands they support. In addition to body and face care product packaging, Rafesa is also a supplier for luxury fragrance glass bottles, along with other makeup and grooming essentials.

[Rafesa Products


Bristly Shave Kit Branding

Artisan grooming has been catching on again across the Western world and product lines like Barbey are flying off the shelves. Especially among those hipster consumers with incredible beard pride, shaving kits have become prized possessions that enable them to flesh out their personal brands. Axel Leclerc named his conceptual home barber kit after the French writer and poet responsible for the Dandyism movement in the early 1800s. All tools and cosmetics come in a soft indigo bag, and all pieces are packaged with the same blue accents. Look carefully at everything from the business cards to the boxes and tubes, and you will see that the tinted lower portions of each are also textured. This is intended to represent the stubble on a man's face. All in all, Barbey Cosmetics are contemporary, chic, DIY and perfectly suited to the modern, refined man.

[Source: Eco-Responsible Packaging]

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