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Ever heard of Emotional Durable Design?

The sustainability crisis is a behavioural issue, and not one simply of technology, production, and volume.

The deliberate shortening of product lifespans is unethical, both in its profit-focused manipulating of consumer spending, and its devastating ecological impact through the nurturing of wasteful purchasing behaviours. 

Think Tank design team is made by brilliant alumni of the University of Brighton where they had the chance to learn and embrace the concept of Emotional Durable Design by its very developer Doc. Jonathan Chapman who teaches sustainable design at the University. 

Emotionally durable design explores the idea of creating a deeper, more sustainable bond between people and products.

"The idea is to use product and brand as talking points; the product is a conversation piece that creates a lasting connection between the business and its customers and, ultimately, increases loyalty to the brand and drives sales." Says Chapman.

Emotionally durable design can be an alternative that will be able to reduce the consumption and waste of resources by increasing the resilience of relationships between consumer and product, presenting a more expansive, holistic approach to design for durability, and more broadly, the lived-experience of sustainability. 

[Source: “Design for (Emotional) Durability” Jonathan Chapman]

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