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Packaging Designs That Feature The Use of Animal Illustrations


Raised By Wolves IPA

Hired Guns Creative worked on a new IPA from Driftwood Brewery. Raised By Wolves features a fierce illustration that is full of motion and life. Using bright colours, the unexpected orange and green give the label an distinctive look and quality. The name of the beer appears in a tall serif font which appears graphically cinematic, resting in the open mouth of the wolf with its gnashing teeth. "Bright, saturated, tropical colours helped suggest the flavours of the beer while simultaneously keeping our wolves on the right continent"

Designed by: Hired Guns Creative


Hunt & Brew Coffee Tattooed Packaging 

Australian branding agency Boxer & Co has designed this new series of illustrative, tattoo-inspired bottles for cold brew coffee company Hunt & Brew. "The predatory nature of the animals gives the brand its name. The single-minded monochrome design and hand-crafted ‘tattoo’ style illustrations in an effort to cut through on the shelf to attract the 'modern man' as the primary target who seeks a fresh, quality brew and appreciates aesthetics to match."

Designed by: Boxer & Co


 AYA Pure Cannabis Nectar

The packaging itself features animals native to Northern California, rounding out the brand story and giving it a sense of place. AYA features dreamy packaging, with a galaxy of stars in the sky and a coordinating vibrant hue for each. 

Designed by: John McNeil Studio


This Seafood Packaging Has a Clean Look

"We had the added challenge of designing efficient packaging for a busy factory environment, helping meet the company’s guarantee of having their product on shelves within 24 hours of the fish being caught. To speak to a culturally diverse market, we drew inspiration from Asian art forms such as Gyotaku – where a real fish is layered with ink and a print is taken directly from the skin. The logo uses Hanko signature stamps, which are hallmark stamps that signal quality across cultures. To further communicate quality in every language, the packaging needed to look exceptionally clean and fresh. We used negative space to draw focus to the product and chose bold, clean typefaces inspired by ship stern plates. The colour combination was chosen for its striking effect and international feel, with the bold red referencing Italian passion and Japanese stamp ink. Combined with blue and white, the colour scheme also reflects East Rock’s New Zealand beginnings. Black and white photos, fishing coordinates and encyclopaedic illustrations of each boat reflect the expertise that comes with almost 100 years of fishing New Zealand’s east coast.”

Designed by: Fuman


 Seafood Packaging Comes With an Elegantly Modern Look

This seafood packaging features serif typography along with detailed ink illustrations provide a high-end feeling, reinforcing the quality of the fish and overall product. “Our branding proposal for Whole Seafood Market is an elegant yet modern identity that matches the high-quality product our client delivers directly to your home. Our design proposes different illustrations of fish to help categorize all the products offered. The icon was inspired by Japanese cuisine: friendly, fresh and ready to eat.”

Designed by: Parámetro Studio 

[Source: Dieline]

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