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Top 5 Valentine’s Themed Packaging

Valentine’s day is approaching soon and the best part about this holiday is the fantastic food and chocolates. We have picked out our favourite top five valentine’s themed packaging ranging from pink and red hearts to skulls and roses.

Mr Kipling

Mr Kipling released a seasonal change for Valentine’s day. The beloved British cakes comes in a new packaging celebrating the holiday with pink as its primary colour. The background of each box has striped pattern of light and medium pink with array of hearts scattered around the design. The main design is the white heart in the centre outlined with different colours (green, red, purple, orange etc) on each box with fun and cheeky messages.  

Designed by BrandOpus

Heart Emoji

Harvey Nichols in brand partnership with Smith&+Village created an elegant yet unique packaging for their chocolate range. The Valentine’s day collection includes five boxes of chocolate truffles in different sizes and shapes such as hearts, lips and more. The packaging of each box is printed with bold graphic patterns on bold red and pink backgrounds. Each packaging imitates cosmetic and jewellery boxes rather than chocolate.

Designed by Smith&+Village

DIY Valentine’s

Anna Tympali created a concept/design for Brigif for a DIY Valentine’s project which include “cards that can written for loved ones and four note cards that are double sided. Two triptychs, one with the mirror words and one with the low opacity letters and more. The packaging and concept design range in colours of red, white, yellow and clack.  Some cards have heart prints on the right side along with smaller cards that have large polka dots pattern on white or beige backgrounds. The pattern continues and is printed on recyclable paper bags with to and from labelled on them.

Designed by Anna Trympali


This limited-edition Cucumber, Rose and Juniper Soft Drink now is infused with rose petals, which matches the design for this valentine’s theme/design. The glass bottle is transparent with the design on the centre. The illustration of the skull blends with the botanicals theme with nude pink petals and green leaves edging out of the skull. This creates a sophisticated yet unique stamp on the branding.

Designed by Our Creative

All You Need

All you need chocolates have extraordinary packaging designs for valentine’s with colours ranging in red, pink and more. The packaging is red with different patterns, one box has a bright red polka dot pattern as the other box has a pattern of hearts and diamonds in the same red. Both have white and gold foil cursive typography of ‘All you need is love’. The and chocolate is printed in a smaller white text. The back of the packaging is completely different to the front with multicoloured patterns from top to bottom.

Designed by Mo Kalache

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