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Top 5 Halloween Themed Packaging Designs

The Spooky month has begun, and we are looking forward to Halloween. We have picked out 5 different packages that relate to the spooky day we celebrate.

Sugar Skull Chocolate Milk


The unique Sugar Skull chocolate milk stout is by Ten Fifty-Five Brewing. The packaging is a dark glass bottle with a black cap. The label features “Sugar Skull” in orange and white large and bold text with a detailed skull drawing.

Designed by Sugar Skull

Creative Creatures

Grain creative came up with the unthinkable and mixed monsters and wine, really making it the monster mash. There are five bottles of red wine all packaged in dark tall bottles, the label features a white faded background with black and white drawings of each creature - werewolf, mermaid, zombie, vampire and mummy. It is perfect for a Halloween party

Designed by Grain Creative

Halloween Survival Kit

Elizabeth McMann has created Halloween kit with all sorts of gear that Halloween lovers will enjoy. The packaging is a dusty grey cardboard material box that emphasis a wooden look which contains eight smaller packages with the same colour and material. The eight items are a wooden stake, garlic, salt, holy water, crucifix, sage, silver bullet and mirror. Each item has its image engraved on the box.

Designed by Elizabeth McMann

Frozen Ghost Vodka

The frozen ghost is the latest product in the vodka marketplace. The packaging of this bottle mirrors the name of the drink and product. It is a frost like white/black tall glass bottle with the silhouette of a ghost. The product’s name is printed in bold black text which is placed in front of the ghost silhouette with “the supernatural super premium” text on the bottom in white.

Designed by Frozen Ghost Vodka

La Catrina Wines

The La Catrina wines bottles are intricate and colourful; the concept of each design is to represent the theme of weddings or wedding party. The packaging of the ghostly La Catrina wine bottles are dark bottles covered in different colours such as orange, blue, pink green red and much more. Each bottle has different ghost/skeletons in different clothing and characteristics along with different names e.g sweet red, Merlot etc in white curved texts. These wedding theme bottles can be collected together to create a wedding part or stand as an individual product.

[Source: The Dieline and Packaging of the World]

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