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Supply Chain

With more than a decade of experience in the packaging industry, Think Tank has developed a global supply chain which includes manufacturers in the UK, Europe, and Asia.

trusted relationships

We work directly with trusted suppliers, and select our partners based on the quality of their output, prices and their compliance with our values and audited working conditions and standards. We have the contacts to make some beautiful products together!

We don't use brokers! If you are currently placing packaging work through an agent – send us a spec and target price. We'll do our best to beat it.

If required, we'll personally oversee the vital stages of your project on site. And we will always plan prototyping and sampling with you to fully ensure the manufacturing of your product is a complete match with your agreed design and quality expectations.

you can count on us!

When you receive your finished bespoke packaging product  you can rest assured that it has come from a trusted source, and be confident it has the Think Tank seal of approval!