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Origami Inspired Packaging Designs


Wine Packaging Revamps from Bottle to Paper

Minimalist Studio exemplifies a convincing move away from the traditional, elegant and sophisticated glass bottles. This is in contrast, lightweight, reasonably durable and easier to recycle. Vin Grâce wine packaging also comes without a cork so that its contents can be easily accessed without hindrance. There are fold lines embedded on this carton to resemble the look of a cut diamond. 

Designed by: minimalist.kr


Origami Transforming Disk 

Reimaging the traditional packaging of CD and DVD cases, this design draws inspiration from a horizon sunrise by revealing a disk between the slotted pieces of paper. The disc conveniently pops up from the centre of the container when opened for easy access and folds into an envelope when closed. 

Designed by: mucho.ws


Taiwan High Mountain Reveal

This High Mountain tea packaging design is enhanced by the quadrant wrappers it is presented in. The paper cartons unfold like flowers to produce tea tins decorated with artwork inspired by Taiwanese culture.

Designed by: victad.tw


Veuve Clicquot Transportable Origami Bucket

This branded origami style bucket is an eco-friendly and recyclable transportable chiller. It also acts as the ideal alternative as it is disposable and mobile. The Veuve Clicquot Clicqu'up ice bucket is simple to set up by pulling it apart into its pre-defined structure.

Product by: veuve-clicquot


Pyramidal Ring Packaging

Secrecy Thay packaging can be easily disassembled with careful fingers by detaching the elastic loops and spreading the triangular flaps.

Product by: napse.br

[Source: Trend Hunter]

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