Create Packaging That Gets Shared and Ultimately Bought. Part 2

Think Tank would like to give you a few tips on how to create packaging that gets shared boosting your brand visibility and granting your products a flying start. If you missed the first part of the article you can find it here.

Innovation Creates Buzz

A brand needs to exploit all the design aspects of packaging in order to achieve customer engagement. There are many exciting tools available that we didn't have in the past that can be embedded on packaging, attracting more savvy consumers who are comfortable using social media and creating packaging that not only stands out, but engages with your audience online.

During a Smart Packaging panel, Jim Warner, president of JW3D stated: “Connectivity is crucial for the next evolution in smart packaging,” he observed. “Make it part of the social media channel and make it [seamless] with dynamic interaction.” G.

G.H.Mumm Connected Bottle Case Study
Client: G.H.Mumm
Source: G.H.Mumm

One of the world's most recognised symbols of celebration has been enhanced by Maison Mumm in a new bottle that combines the physical world with the digital. Through constant innovation the House has pioneered a series of ground-breaking industry firsts to ensure its champagne is of the finest quality.

Introducing The World's First Connected Champagne Bottle:

Maison Mumm's commitment to innovation and celebrating firsts goes beyond its champagne making.

Inspired by the thrill of the Formula One® podium moment, Mumm's "connected magnum" brings this indescribable emotion into prestigious nightclubs, enhancing the champagne celebration experience around the world.

The moment the cork is popped from the connected Magnum, it will activate an interactive sound and visual spectacle unlike any other, literally putting the spotlight on the table where the bottle has been opened, a great way to get the party started and definitely an experience customers will remember and share with others.

The bottle's striking platinum veneer, a visual masterpiece designed by world-renowned DJ and music producer David Guetta, complements the experience.

Sustainability and Reusability Draws Attention

Years ago a lot less people were talking about sustainability, but now the music has changed.

Finally, companies and brands have become a lot more conscious and those who prove to care about creating less waste are deservedly drawing great attention to themselves.

Customers and potential customers reward sustainable brands, and sustainability can be the tie-breaker when deciding to purchase one product instead of another.

Being environmentally conscious is always a positive note for a brand and something people, influencers, and press will be proud to publish on their timeline. It can also change and enhance brands' perception, as it did for Coca Cola when following its 2014 "PlantBottle" campaign saw a 10% increase in positive brand perception along with a two-thirds reduction in spontaneous
negative statements about the brand across social platforms.

Investing in sustainable and reusable packaging is a win for the Earth and a win for your brand image.

Brum Box Case Study
Brum Brum [Designed by Tu Jau Zini]
Source: The below article has been originally shared on The Dieline

With a bit of imagination, kids can turn just about anything into a toy. So instead of putting Brum Brum balance bicycles into a bunch of packaging that would just get thrown away, Tu Jau Zini developed the Brum Box. This packaging keeps the bike safe, makes it easy to store at home, and creates even more fun for the kids.

"We call it the Brum Box, because after unpacking you don't throw away the package, but transform it into Brum Brum's new home, where the balance bike can rest till its next ride. The main challenge was to create a packaging, which is not meant to be thrown away, but can be re-used within activities that are directly linked to the packaged product and its new owner."

"Knowing that our target audience are children aged 2-6 years, they like to draw, build, create, glue and smear... So we came to a conclusion that the packaging box has to be fun and practical to use, it must be easy to transform into a play house, a furniture type object which is a child's first real headquarters. The idea was born. By using a simple box in box system Brum Brum wooden balance bikes packaging transforms into a garage with shelves for toys and cool drawings which can be colored by the little riders according to their own vision of the world."

The Brum Box opens up into a couple of separate boxes that nest together to create a mini bike rack. Kids get a kick out of the drawings on the side that they can colour in, and parents love that it keeps the playroom tidy. The corrugated board material looks similar to the wood of the Brum Brum, making it a great pairing.

"As for the materials, we are keeping it simple. Brum Box is produced by using Corrugated Board (BE) which is a material easy for recycling. The drawings are printed by using the Flexographic printing technology."

Brum Box packaging has gained attention across social media being shared by the general public and earning spots in the leading packaging and design publications such as The Dieline, Packaging of the World, Trend Hunter and more, also winning awards such as the Notable Packaging Award at the Core77 Design Awards 2016.

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