The Strange Story of The Mysterious Nameless Enquiry

Last week we got approached by a mysterious company, so mysterious that we almost marked the email as spam and ignored it. Sender "EN", just an attached artwork, specs for what looked like standard posters, delivery address and deadline. No names, no signature, just a simple request "Can You Do It Within 12h From Now?"

Drawn by curiosity  and thrilled by this printing challenge, we thought "there's no harm in replying" (said every scam victim ever), so we did. 

The job got confirmed, went smoothly and then we noticed something...

Delivery address was The York Hall in Bethnal Green, delivery date: Tuesday 4th of July.

We smiled while sticking the label on the package, knowing we were made part of something extremely cool for one of our favourite bands. :) 

"the crowd surround the stage on all sides, and all around the balcony are hung the ‘EN’ symbols of Arcade Fire’s new album


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