Top 5: Halloween Packaging

In this blog, we have selected 5 examples of the best product packaging for Halloween. These contain a mix of out of the box ideas and the downright scary.


The Cupcake Mix - Johnny Cupcakes

"It's a limited run of shirts in a special package, that is housed in a book. This year's theme is called "Midnight Delights" it's a scary story theme, using inspiration from old pulp horror novels and comics. All the illustrations and titles are completely original and drawn by in-house designer Chris DeLorenzo. The packaging was created to be synonymous to the opening of a book to reveal a table of contents and personal personalisation on the inside flap. The spine is everyone's favourite part with everything you would expect on an old book spine." 

Product by Johnny Cupcakes



Zombís is a new brand of freezer pop from Icelandic ice cream manufacturer Kjörís.  Each box correlates to a flavour, which is also signified by the character printed on each box. 

Designed by Brandenburg



Halloween Survival Kit 

Halloween Survival Kit containing eight smaller packages internally for the scariest night of the year. These smaller boxes would contain a Wooden Stake, Garlic, Salt, Holy Water, Crucifix, Sage, Silver bullet and mirror. Highlighted with bold icons printed for unit identification.

Designed by Elizabeth McMann



SVEDKA With Teeth

This packaging design gives the illusion of a gaping mouth, inclusive of vampire fangs with dripping blood. A sharp die-cut in the box forms the mouth’s opening creates the illusion of dripping fangs overlaying the bottle. A high-gloss printing technique makes the blood and mouth appear raised on the box. In contrast, matte white teeth and debossed logos provide prominent placement for SVEDKA branding on the packaging. It’s graphic and bold, colourful and eye-catching  “It’s a little bit Dracula, a little bit Rocky Horror Picture Show.” 

Designed by Brigade


Pines Black Box Dark Ales

The 4 Pines Black Box creates an immersive experience for the consumer while encouraging them to search for information and interact with the packaging. The labels have been printed with spot varnish on a matte black stock. Images of candles and lamps contribute to the nostalgic feeling, fermented by the combination of fonts and elegant ornate details in an effort to situate the beer as a high-quality product.

Designed by: The A Team

[Source: Packaging of the World]

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