Top 5 Sustainable Beauty Products

More and more brands in all sectors are investing in sustainable products!

Consumer demand and brand awareness is pushing the beauty sector to be more transparent, both in the products' composition and at a package level.

Anne Bedarf, senior manager of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) believes that "companies are recognizing the long-term benefits such as resiliency, risk reduction, adequacy of supply and brand equity. Environmentally responsible packaging has become a standard practice to incorporate sustainability goals into corporate decision-making,” 

We selected 5 products from companies who are pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the beauty industry.  

Agencies like Think Tank can help you find stylish and eco-friendly solutions for your beauty package. 

[Source: Rethinking Eco-Responsible Packaging]



AVEDA - Uruku Makeup Line 

The lipstick case is produced utilising existing tooling, with materials containing up to 90% post-consumer recycled content. The secondary packaging is made with 100% recyclable molded fibre. 



Aesop implemented in their packaging the APC’s Sustainable Packaging Guidelines introduced in 2015 at the
Australian Packaging Covenant. This included software applications that allow designers to conduct streamlined lifecycle assessments of packaging and product scenarios and determine the recyclability of packaging.  


Kirsten Kjaer - Refillable Make-up 

Kirsten Kjaer wanted to have something that was sustainable but looked luxurious. Designer Marc Atlan came up with
this metal case, everything is refillable, there's a little hole in the back and you can pop out the tin and get a refill. It's meant as a one-time purchase, and then you just keep refilling it for a lower price point.  



Aromaflage exclusively uses Neenah Classic Crest Natura l ( White Eggshell , 130# ) for its fragrances with elegant gold foil stamping . The papers are FSC certified and the entire box is fully recyclable.


Thierry Mugler - Angel

All Angel stars can be refilled again at the Parfums Mugler Source or using the line's Eco-Source refill. It promotes a special relationship between the customer and beauty advisor at the point of sale.

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